MVR 2.8M spent on Minister Shahid's travels to secure MVR 3.2B in aid

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Around MVR 2.8 million was spent on the travels of Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, according to the statistics published by the Ministry.

The Foreign Minister’s trips secured the country MVR 3.21 billion in aid. The information was published after a private citizen requested the information under the right to freedom of information.

The Minister traveled on 20 trips during the one year in office. Approximately MVR 194,590.40 was spent on two trips between November 2018 and December 31, 2018.

Approximately MVR 2.65 million was spent on 18 trips between January 1, 2019, to November 17, 2019, marking exactly one year in office for the current administration.

The trips were to promote bilateral relationships between the Maldives and other countries, and the Minister met with counterparts of other countries that increased the presence of the Maldives on the international stage, according to the Ministry. High-level meetings of organizations and official trips with the President were also taken into account for these statistics.

The trips helped to better relations between the Maldives and other countries and elevated the position of the country back to its rightful place in the international community, according to the Ministry.

Around MVR 3.21 billion was secured as aid from these trips and meetings in 2019. The Ministry noted the USD 25 million offered by UAE that was increased to USD 50 million as an example.

Finance Ministry is currently carrying out the procedure to sign the agreement with the UAE government, according to the Foreign Ministry.