Dinghy, Speedboat collision: Speedboat captain remains hospitalized

Coastguard ship, Shaheed Ali is mobilized to join the search and rescue effort for man missing following a marine accident in B. Atoll on January 2, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

The police, on Saturday, announced that the captain of the speedboat involved in the dangerous marine accident in B. Atoll which left one missing, had sustained serious injuries in the collision and remained hospitalized.

The collision had taken place at approximately 7 pm on Thursday, January 2, between a speedboat and a small dinghy which had been travelling in opposite directions between B. Dhonfanu and B. Hanifaru.

The collision threw the three people travelling on the dinghy into the sea. Two were pulled up by the people on the speedboat, while one, Nasrulla Abdulla, 41, Musthareege, B. Eydhafushi, remains missing.

Nasrulla Abdulla (41 years) from Mushthareege, B. Eydhafushi. Nasrulla was lost at sea after the dinghy he was traveling on collided with a speedboat near B. Dhonfanu on January 2, 2020. (Photo/Eydhafushi Times)

The two people who were rescued sustained injuries, but have since been discharged following treatment.

A crew member of the speedboat, a Bangladeshi national, sustained only minor injuries.

However, the boat’s captain, who sustained a facial fracture, remains hospitalized. He was moved to the capital, Male’ City for further treatment on Friday.

The Coastguard, with assistance from Maldives Police Service, as well as divers from neighboring resorts and islands, continue to search for Nasrulla. The Coastguard is using underwater robots and helicopters to aid in the operation.