Islamic Ministry amends framework with 23 new job openings

Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali is seen in this photo speaking to reporters during a press conference. The Ministry decided to suspend the licenses of three religious scholars for promoting extremism in the Maldives on December 17, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

23 new job openings have announced in the Islamic Ministry in bid to amend the framework of the ministry.

An official from the Ministry informed the “Sun” that the Ministry requested Finance Ministry to amend the framework and the move was approved at the end of last year.

The framework change will not increase the number of political positions in the Ministry, according to the official.

“The ministry has few directors. Its almost always assistant directors Some departments will also have a few numbers of employees.” said the media official.

The new job opening announced last Tuesday seeks three directors, two assistant directors, administrative officers, and technicians.  An announcement for a studio producer as well as a program officer was also made.