Aasandha ceases management of Hulhumale’ Hospital

People wait at the emergency entrance of Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Aasandha Company has ceased the management of Hulhumale’ Hospital – the government hospital located in suburban Hulhumale’.

Aasandha’s spokesperson, Ashiya Solih confirmed the company ceased management of the hospital this Wednesday.

Aasandha, the State health insurance company, had taken over the management of Hulhumale’ Hospital on April 3, 2016. The hospital, under the management of Aasandha, underwent significant transformations and expansions, including introduction of oncology services.

The President’s Office had ordered for the Health Ministry to take over the management of Hulhumale’ Hospital in 2018. However, the hospital continued to be managed by Aasandha. Health Minister Abdulla Ameen himself confirmed the hospital remained under the management of Aasandha as recent as August 2019.

An audit conducted by the Auditor General’s Office showed Aasandha had spent MVR 193 million from its budget on Hulhumale’ Hospital since it took over the management of the hospital in 2016.

Hulhumale’ Hospital now provides MRI services, CT scan services and mammography services, but has yet to introduce additional services such as ventilators – something of chief concern to Hulhumale’ residents.

Health Ministry has yet to announce the company which will take over the management of the hospital.  The Health Ministry’s media director, when asked for a comment, promised to get back to Sun with an answer soon.