Ooredoo opens applications for Director of Public Shareholders

March 3, 2019: Photos from the 2018 annual general meeting of Ooredoo. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Ooredoo has opened applications for the post of Director Representing the Public Shareholders.

An announcement made by the company read that applications for the post were open until January 30, 2020.

Candidates will be submitted to the Nomination and Remuneration Board which will then submit a shortlist of candidates to the Board of Directors. The names of those shortlisted will be presented to the shareholders' annual general meeting in March 2020.

Candidates must be a shareholder of Ooredoo, and fulfill the requirements of the Capital Market Development Authority’s Corporate Governance Code. The candidate must also have an internationally accepted degree certificate and 10 years of work experience at a local or international company.

A change was brought to the governing regulations of the company on December 16, 2019, that now states the term of a Director Representing the Public Shareholders would be three years. The change means that the term of the director selected in 2020 would be up by 2022.

Application forms for the post are available from the company website, as well as from the head office of the company on the fifth floor of H. Sunleet, on weekdays from 8:30-16:40. Forms should be submitted to Ooredoo via email.