MNDF: Alert levels raised as a precaution

MNDF bomb disposal EOD teams working in an operation in Male' city in 2015, after it was reported that a car in the city contained a bomb.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has stated that the alert levels in the country were not raised due to a specific danger.

MNDF information officer Major Ibrahim Azim said last night that the alert levels were just one level higher than they normally were.

“The alert level may be higher than it normally is, but this is not in response to any particular danger,” said Azim.

Azim stated that the alert levels were raised as a precautionary measure. There were levels higher than the current one that would affect the normal public life, according to Major Azim.

He also stated that the raised alert level of “Yellow 2” meant that armed soldiers would be deployed across the country, and inspections of seagoing vessels would be conducted.

Security at Velana International Airport has also been strengthened following the alert level.