Male' city flooded with rain, Met Office warns of bad weather across Maldives

Male city experienced ankle-height floods on December 11, 2019. Met Office warned that the country will be affected by more severe weather in the upcoming days of December. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Meteorological Services (Met Office) has warned off expected bad weather across the country for the next three days.

Met Office also forecast that some islands would experience heavy showers during the holiday season.

A yellow weather alert was issued for the atolls of K and Dh Atoll in the central region of the country from 7:15 to 11:15 in the morning by the weather service.

“It is highly likely that the whole country will experience heavy rainfall. Some islands are expected to be hit with heavy rains from 13-15 December 2019 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).” said a Met Office official.

The latest 24-hour weather statistics show that M. Muli was the island that experienced the heaviest rains, with 84.8 mms of rain.

Male’ city also experienced heavy rainfall today, with some roads of the capital being flooded. The rains have left some parts of the city flooded so much that the roads in the area are nearly unwalkable.

Some areas have been flooded ankle height. MNDF is currently working to pump the waters that have gathered in different areas of the city. Some of the worst-hit areas are the West Park area and the IGMH area.

The flooding also disrupted some government works and even saw some court hearings canceled.