Vice President: Govt. will not exclude citizens living abroad

In this photo, Vice President Faisal Naseem is seen meeting with Maldivians living in Trivandrum, India. The Vice President said that the government will not exclude or discriminate between citizens living abroad when it comes to resolving issues on December 5, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

Vice President Faisal Naseem has said that the government will not discriminate between Maldivian citizens living in different countries when resolving the affairs, difficulties and issues.

The Vice President was meeting with Maldivians living in Trivandrum, India when he said so and requested citizens living abroad to adhere to the laws and regulations of that country at all times. The Vice president also stated that the government was collaborating with the government of India to bring conveniences for Maldivians traveling to India for medical services.

“The government will always remain committed to solving the difficulties faced by citizens. we guarantee that citizens living abroad would not be excluded from this.” said the Vice President.

The Vice President then asserted the importance of passing down the good behavior, conducts and upbringings of forefathers down to the next generations. A younger generation with good characteristics of diligence was also an important task to be fulfilled by parents, advised the Vice President.

Trivandrum in India is frequently visited by Maldivians for medical and educational purposes. The city also has a significant Maldivian community living there.

The Vice President is currently on a trip to the states of Kerala and Karnataka in India to advance the good relations between the two nations.