Pres. Office looking to purchase 35 iPad pros that could cost MVR 750,000

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C) and the members of his Cabinet convene for a briefing regarding the case of a 14-year-old boy who went missing while under State custody on June 25, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

An announcement has been made to purchase 35 iPad pros by the President’s Office.

The announcement read that the Office was looking to purchase 35 iPad pros of 64 GB memory. Those who were interested could clarify information from the office up until 10:30 on December 4, 2019, and estimates should be submitted by December 9. This was a re-announcement of a previous one that was canceled after not receiving enough applications.

The iPads should be of silver color and 12.9 inches connectable to Wi-Fi only. The announcement also included smart covers. The iPads of such specifications are available in the Maldives for MVR 20,000 and USD 999 (MVR 15.404) from the Apple Store website. The lowest price for smart covers stands at USD 100. The lowest price for all of these purchases would be MVR 750,000 in total.

A spokesperson for the President’s Office Ibrahim Hood stated that these iPads were for administrative uses and that expensive products were sometimes procured from overseas. Cabinet members are currently provided iPads for meetings.