ACC still investigating case against Umar Naseer

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer. (File Photo/Sun)

Anti-Corruption Commission has informed that an investigation regarding a case of former Home Minister Umar Naseer started in 2017 was still ongoing.

The case stems from when Umar served as the Home Minister. Umar Naseer was behind the controversial tagging of dangerous criminals and monitoring them during his time as the Home Minister. The ACC is investigating a case of corruption where the tags used for the policy were imported.

The case is under investigation since 2017 and Umar responded to the allegations that the case was investigated during President Yameen’s administration and that there was no act of corruption involved in the case.

“The bid was announced and awarded to the applicant with the lowest price. We wrote to the ACC and obtained clearance before we awarded the bid,” said Umar.

Umar also noted that the bid was not won by a company connected to him or any of his family members in any way. He also stated that no company with his or his family’s interests had made a bid to the Home Ministry during his tenure as the Home Minister.