President speaks against spreading false ideologies

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the ceremony to celebrate the Republic Day on November 10, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has spoken against spreading ideology in the name of the religion.

The President was addressing the country on the occasion of the day that the Maldives embraced the religion of Islam today when he stated that the only way to stop the spread of false ideology spread in the name of Islam but is actually unconnected with the religion was to educate people and increase their knowledge of Islam.

He noted that it was a responsibility that existed on the shoulders of everyone to work and stay alert against all the efforts to defame and smear the religion and save future generations from such dangers.

The President highlighted that the religion of Islam was the greatest blessing for the country and advised citizens to refrain from actions forbidden in the religion. In the address, the President then called on Maldivians to work towards means of strengthening the faith of Islam in the hearts of the people especially the younger generations. He noted that this was the responsibility of educational institutions and parents to do this.

The President ended his address by reminding Maldivians that the religion of Islam was the foundation of the affection and harmony between the people before noting that the faith was the most respected and most loved by the people.