Jabir dismisses criticisms over cable car idea with a rap song

MP Abdulla Jabir is pictured speaking in the Parliament session held on November 25, 2019. MP Jabir has always been classed as one of the most unique and entertaining characters in Maldivian politics. (Photo/Parliament)

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir has responded to criticism and ridicule targeted at him about an ambitious plan to build a cable car line between Kaashidhoo and Gaafaru.

The MP who has always stood out in the Parliament for his outbursts and outspokenness responded to the much ridicule received for his idea with a rap on Twitter. His idea had been dismissed a joke by many of the public for its seemingly complicated nature.

However, MP Jabir has brought in a team of experts from Italy to start surveys on the project while the jokes were raining on him. Jabir’s DRP had claimed that the President and an Associate of Sintechnia Engineering from Italy had arrived to conduct surveys on the project.

MP Jabir again responded to criticism with lines of rap taken from the popular Beatology studio’s song “Haskaa”. The song has a large appeal among youths in the country with a love for local rap.

The song’s lines taken by MP Jabir loosely translates as

“(They) said I can’t do it,

questioned my talent,

would say, when I advanced,

(He is) A man, who cannot be caught”

MP Jabir also tweeted the lyrics in the morning and stated that he had heard the song today and found it appealing. MP Jabir has previously sung part of the National Anthem in the Parliament. Some users on social media characterized MP Jabir as a “Man, who cannot be caught” after he tweeted the rap lyrics.