1672 stickers issued, 123 vehicles towed in Male' city last week

In this photo, a women is seen crossing a busy street in Male' city. The densely populated capital city has a high number of traffic accidents and violations compared to other parts of the country. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Police issued 1672 stickers for parking violations last week and towed 123 vehicles.

The statistics published by the Police showed that Male’ city experienced 33 accidents that injured three people last week. The licenses of three people were also withheld regarding the accidents.

A further 11 licenses were withheld by Police regarding other traffic violations last week. 31 cases of driving above the speed limit and 19 cases of driving with headsets and while on the phone were also noticed by Police.

107 cases of driving without an issued license and 53 cases of driving without an issued license on the person were also investigated by Police during this time.