A huge triumph: Violent crimes reduced with subdued gangs

Photo from a previous operation by Special Operation Police (SO Police) conducted in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Hussain Hassan)

The 50 percent reduction in violent and dangerous crimes in the country compared to the last six years has been hailed as a huge triumph by the authorities over gangs in the Maldives.

A tweet by the Police Commissioner Hameed today revealed the statistics. 

Highlights of the statistics

  • Cases of gang violence in 2014 – 269 cases
  • Cases of gang violence in 2018 – 222 cases
  • Cases of gang violence in 2019 – 110 cases (50 percent reduction)

Violent crimes reported

  • Cases of violent crimes in 2014 – 3137 cases
  • Cases of violent crimes in 2018 – 3036 cases
  • Cases of violent crimes in 2019 – 2546 cases (The lowest number in the last six years)

Just two cases of murder were reported in the country in 2019, and these cases involved inter-family issues and migrant workers, according to Police.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also noted the reduction in such crimes and hailed the fact that no murders occurred from gang violence in the country in 2019 at the ceremony held to celebrate Republic Day last night.

Commissioner Hameed noted that the figures were achieved due to the organized work by Police to keep the streets safe and congratulated the Police force on the achievement.