MVR 74.3 million collected as Green Tax in September

File photo of a villa at Kudafushi Resort and Spa.(Photo/Facebook/Kudafushi)

The state has collected MVR 74.3 million as Green Tax from tourist properties in the month of September.

According to the latest Green Fund records released by Finance Ministry on Tuesday, the state collected MVR 73 million as Green Tax from tourist resorts, hotels and guesthouses, and MVR 1.8 million as Green Tax from liveaboards in the month of September.

The single largest contribution to Green Tax came from K. Atoll with MVR 24.75 million, followed by MVR 9 million from A. Dh. Atoll, and MVR 6 million from B. Atoll.

The Green Fund had a balance of MVR 225.8 million by the end of September.

Meanwhile, the total spending from Green Fund stood at MVR 58 million.

The Green Fund is utilized to finance environmental protection and sustainable development projects such as water and sanitation projects, coastal protection projects and waste management projects.

Green Tax was first imposed on tourists who stay at resorts at the rate of USD 6 per night in 2015. It was expanded to tourists who also stay at guesthouses at the rate of USD 3 per night in 2016.