Task force to probe prolonged cases in court

A meeting of the Judiciary Committee. (Photo/Parliament)

Parliament’s Judiciary Committee has passed to form an Inter-Agency Task Force through the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to probe the issue of prolonged cases in courts.

The decision to form the Inter-Agency Task Force which will have representatives from the relevant institutions comes after the Judiciary Committee evaluated a report that was recently sent to the Parliament regarding unfinished lengthy cases in the Criminal Court.

Part of the mandate of this to be formed task force will be to determine the reason for the unfinished cases in the court, find out the steps that need to be taken to address this and rapidly implement these steps, according to the report by the Judiciary Committee to form the taskforce.

JSC has stated that the number of unfinished cases in the Criminal Court stood at 1910 by July 14, 2019. The figure includes 12 cases that have been going on for nearly ten years.