Parliament begins work to impeach Vice President of CSC

CSC Vice President Shaheedh Mohamed. (Photo/President's Office)

A move to remove the Vice President of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Shaheedh Mohamed has been presented to the Parliament today.

The move was announced by the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed who stated that the Parliament’s Committee on Independent Institutions had notified him that the Committee wished to pursue the dismissal of Shaheedh. The case has now been sent to the Committee on Independent Institutions for evaluation.

Shaheedh was appointed top the CSC in 2015. A previous case regarding his dismissal was also presented to the Parliament by Baarah MP Ahmed Abdulla. The case alleged that Shaheedh had violated the rights of employees. 

The CSC including Shaheedh consists of the Commission’s President Dr. Ali Shameem, Zakariyya Hussain, Ibrahim Shaheeg and Fathimath Amira.