ACC: Amendments to be proposed to law to widen authority

October 15, 2019: The Anti-Corruption Commission members speaking with reporters. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Anti-Corruption Commission has stated that work will be carried out to amend the law so that the Commission's authorioty is increased and to seize assets gained from money laundering and corruption more easily.

At the first news conference of the Commission since its new appointments, the Vice President of the Commission Fathimath Anoola stated that it was not the Commission’s view that jail was the only punishment that can be handed down to those carrying out acts of corruption.

She also stated that it should be made easier to seize the assets gained through such means since this was the only way to recover the damage caused to the state.

Anoola also stated that the Commission will propose the introduction of a system of how assets located abroad to hide from the authorities can be recovered after evaluating the relevant laws. Anoola also stated that the Commission wished to be granted the power to investigate money laundering crimes.

Currently, the law permits only the Police to investigate money laundering crimes in the country, and Anoola was quick to point out that money laundering was a crime very much entwined with corruption.

“We would like to clear up any issues of law regarding the mandate or authority of the Commission that might be intermixed with or contradictory to others (Institutions). We also face some challenges since we do not currently have authority over people who carry out massive acts of corruption,"

"So our amendments will be formed so that our authority over such people whether they are private individuals will be widened to include.” Said Anoola.