Yasir Yahya ends his weeks-long hunger strike

Yasir Yahya Solih. (File Photo)

Yasir Yahya Solih, a Yemeni citizen held at the Immigration Detention Center in Maldives, has called an end to his weeks-long hunger strike.

A source from his wife’s family told Sun Yasir ended his hunger strike – which he began over two months ago – late last week.

His wife’s family reports that Yasir and Maldives Immigration have also made a deal – the details of which are unclear at this point.

Yasir is married to a Maldivian citizen, and had been serving as a teacher at Ahmadiyya School at the time of his initial arrest in 2017. The Maldivian government has been working on processing his deportation ever since.

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla, in a press conference in September, said that Yasir is believed to be affiliated with terrorist organizations. Imran said that Maldives Immigration has revoked his visa, and has instructed him to leave Maldives.

According to the police, the delay in Yasir’s deportation is due to the ongoing civil war in Yemen, which is hindering the preparation of his travel documents.

The police have stated that Yasir is being treated as a threat to national security.