Onion shortage sees prices fluctuate to MVR 1,000 per sack

Onions produced in India: bad weather affecting parts of India, which is the main source of onions to the Maldives has seen shortages to the markets of Maldives. (Photo/IANS)

A shortage of onions in the markets has resulted in unreal prices for these usually easily available vegetables in the Maldives.

Currently, a sack of onions sells for around MVR 1,000 in the local markets and is being sold on a controlled rate due to shortages faced by wholesalers who supply the market. A kilo currently sells for MVR 45-50 with MVR 950 being the cheapest price for a sack. This is a sharp rise in price since a sack of onions was available for just MVR 200 a week ago.

Some businessmen that spoke to “Sun” stated that the reason for the outrageous rise in prices was because of the shortages faced in supply. They also stated that there was no other way of obtaining the products once they ran out of the current stock.

The shortages in the market are caused by the bad weather which is affecting parts of India, which is the main source of onions to the Maldives. India is also currently rationing the number of onions it exports due to these reasons.

These events are contrary to Economic Ministry statements that the Maldives would not face a difficulty or shortage of onions even though the supply of onions into the country declined as predicted.