Door to door campaign by MWSC to assess sewerage systems

MWSC Building. (Sun File Photo)

MWSC has commenced a survey that will see a door to door campaign to check and assess the sewerage systems in Male' city.

The survey will be carried out from today until November 30 and will check whether kitchens have oil traps and will also work to identify industrial or business facilities. The survey will also check on drainpipes in buildings.

Information will also be provided regarding sewerage systems by MWSC on this door to door campaign and the company stressed that no financial transactions will be carried out during this survey.

MWSC also highlighted that the survey will be carried out by MWSC employees who will always have a company pass that will have their identification details. This survey is being carried out to widen the services of the company and provide easy access services, which is a major target of the company.