IOS 13 keyboard gets Dhivehi language

Dhivehi language in IOS 13.

IOS 13 has been unveiled with some great news for Maldivians. The Maldivian language ''Dhivehi'' is now available on the IOS 13 update.

The Apple operating software also comes with more than 30 Maldivian words included. The Dhivehi keyboard can be enabled by going into General Settings and adding a new keyboard. Users can then select the Dhivehi language from the options.

The Dhivehi language was previously used on the before with the help of third-party keyboards. The third-party keyboard was enabled by Apple in 2014 and the most popular keyboard for Dhivehi language was the "Swift Keyboard" by Microsoft.

The main native keyboard of Android Operating Systems "Gboard" also offers Dhivehi language. Auto-correction, predictive words and swiping are also enabled on the Dhivehi language on Gboard.