Munaz: Online submissions being arranged for attorneys to meet with clients

Security at Maafushi prison. (Sun File Photo)

Arrangements are being made so that attorneys can request to meet clients in jail through online applications, according to the Commissioner of Prisons Abdullah Munaz.

Munaz was speaking at the annual ceremony of Maldives Correctional Services in Maafushi last night when he stated that work to guarantee the human rights of prisoners was underway.

Munas also stated that the burdens on attorneys to meet with clients would be eased.

"After registering, the attorney would not have to submit the documents every single time he or she wants to meet with his client. Arrangements are being made so that applications can be submitted online to meet with clients." said the Commissioner.

Family visits have also been extended to two hours and the receipt of letters regarding issues sent by inmates to different institutions can also be guaranteed. Work was also being done to improve the ventilation of jails and the design of cells and are being done following the recommendations of the Red Cross and ICR.

"We cannot bring an end to the 24-hour detentions without improving and developing the yards of jail. Work has already begun on developing the yards so that inmates can be released into the yard during day time." said the Commissioner.