Fuvahmulah to hold draw among applicants for housing on Friday

Government housing units in Fuvahmulah City. (File Photo/PSM)

Fuvahmulah City is scheduled to hold a draw to select tenants for 200-housing-unit government housing scheme, Gedhoruverikuruvun, on Friday.

The council has announced the draw will be held at its headquarters.

120 of the 200 housing units are A category units - reserved for residents of Fuvahmulah. The council confirms it has received 138 applications for A category units.

Meanwhile, 20 units are B category units – reserved for residents of other islands who wish to migrate to the city. The council received 15 applications for B category units.

The council also recently opened application for the remaining 40 housing units – 35 of which are A category units and 5 of which are B category units.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced plans to build 200 more housing units in Fuvahmulah.