MIFCO to cover fuel costs of fishing boats traveling South

A fishing boat in Felivaru. (Sun Photo/Najah Moosa)

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has stated that it will provide the fuel costs of the boats that travel to G.A Kooddoo to process fish. 

MIFCO announced the facilities in Felivaru reached the maximum capacity due to the good fishing period experienced in the North. MIFCO stated that fishing was extremely good in Lhaviyani Atoll.

The resulting queues to process fish at Felivaru led to MIFCO to provide the fuel expenses for the boats that have to travel South to process fish. 

"After checking the fish quality, we decided to cover the fuel expenses of the boats that travel South. The fuel expenses would be provided for those with more than 10 tonnes of fish to process." Managing Director of MIFCO Ismail Fauzy said today.

Fauzy also stated that fishing was now going down and all the noted boats on the list for processing at Felivaru will be finished processing today. 

"Around 3100 tonnes fish had been processed by Felivaru starting from August, now fishing is getting better for Southern atolls and depleting in the North," said Fauzy.

MIFCO is purchasing one kilo of fish for MVR 20. 

"Fish cans will be available for wholesale at local markets without any difficulties. We are working on introducing different types of fish cans to the market within 15 days. They will include sauce fish cans and other products." said Fauzy.