21 islands request govt. to release land for residential use

H. Dh. Hanimaadhoo: A decision regarding releasing land from the island for residential use remains to be finalized.

Planning and Infrastructure Ministry says it has received requests from 21 islands to release land for residential use.

Speaking at the Planning and Infrastructure Ministry’s Nuvagadi press briefing session this Thursday, officials from the Land Usage Section said 18 residential islands have marked areas to release land and sent in requests to draft a land use plan, but that land cannot be released from five of the islands.

Officials said that the area to release land from remains to be finalized from one residential island, while a decision regarding releasing land remains pending on two islands.

Meanwhile, talks are ongoing regarding two of 28 islands which is braced to release land.

According to the Land Usage Section, it has completed and approved land usage plans for 69 islands, and has land usage plans pending for 48 more islands.

“We are working on land usage plans for 73 Maldivian islands. Lands usage plans have been completed and approved for 69 islands, while it has been decided to draft land usage plans for 48 more islands,” said the officials, addition that the ministry also lends its assistance to local councils which wish to prepare concept plans to establish public spaces such as picnic spots on residential islands.

“Tender has been opened for surveys to draft land usage plans in 42 islands. Local councils from 21 islands have requested permission to release land. And 12 islands have been granted permission,” said the officials.