Raids continue into second day, no arrests so far

Police searching a property in Male' City during last night's operation.

The operations that were carried out by Maldives Police Service last night is still going on, although no arrests have been made so far.

Police stated that the operations were in connection with the report by the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCOM). Police spokeswoman Izmia Zahir stated that a total of eight locations from Male' and one location from Addu city were raided and searched by police last night.  She also stated that the operation is still going on and that no arrests have so far been made in relation to the operation.

The operations were sanctioned under a court order from the Criminal Court. Some of the locations raided last night were the building where the Secret Recipe restaurant is located, An apartment on the fifth floor of the Gaakoshi flats, a building in front of the former Prosecutor General's office and a house located near Shop and Save in Sosun Magu.

These locations were related to Samih Mohamed (Somith) from Athireege Th. Omadhoo, Ali Shiyam (VB Ayya) from H. Vaalee Villa and Ahmed Agleel (Kidoo) from Gurahaage S. Feydhoo. These are all individuals named in the DDCOM's report as being involved in Rilwan's murder.

MNDF also patrolled the streets of Male' city with weapons last night but did not give any reasons for the patrols. 

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had stated on Monday that the government would arrest anyone that needs to be arrested in Rilwan's case and that the government would not step back in this. 

Commission on Disappearances and Deaths recently announced that it had evidence Rilwan was abducted from Hulhumale’ where he resided, forced into a car, put on board a dinghy boat, transferred to another vessel, beheaded, and his body thrown overboard on August 8, 2014. The Commission also stated that an affiliate of Al Qaeda operating in the Maldives was behind Rilwan's murder.