Land reclamation project for Hoarafushi Airport completed

Reclaimed area for Hoarafushi Airport. (Photo/Mohamed Waheed)

The land reclamation project for the planned airport in H.A Hoarafushi has been completed.

Hoarafushi council president Mohamed Waheed stated to the "Sun" that the land reclamation project was completed last Friday. 

"We are now carrying out works to level the ground," said Waheed.

Reclaimed land area for Hoarafushi Airport project. (Photo/Mohamed Waheed)

A total area of 345,000 meters was reclaimed for the airport project. The project was awarded to MTCC for MVR 198.3 million and was commenced on March 25, 2019. Official work began on April 16.

The previous administration had plans to build an airport in H.A Maafonilhoga, however, the new administration changed the project's location to H.A Hoarafushi.