PPM-PNC accuse Hoarafushi Council of trying to influence parliamentary election

HA. Hoarafushi Council building. (Photo/Hoarafushi Council)

Ruling PPM-PNC coalition, accusing HA. Hoarafushi Council of trying to influence the parliamentary election, has called for an investigation into the matter.

In a statement on Sunday, the coalition accused Hoarafushi Council in which main opposition MDP holds the majority of anti-campaigning against the government candidate and abusing all council resources available on the island.

In this regard, the coalition alleged that the council has issued land in conjunction with the parliamentary election in addition to pledging to increase the size of land plots that have already been issued.

They further alleged that the council’s staff has been utilized for campaign among other resources available at the council including vehicles, printers and papers. The statement read that Hoarafushi Council was more concerned with campaigning for the opposition candidate during official and non-official hours instead of performing their legally mandated responsibilities.

Emphasizing the aforesaid accusations to be a blatant violation of the Election, the coalition called upon members of the Hoarafushi Council to campaign in accordance with the stipulated laws and regulations. They also called upon the relevant authorities to probe the abuse of state resources for campaign.

The statement from the PPM-PNC coalition accusing Hoarafushi Council of trying to influence the election comes after the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) called upon authorities to take action against those campaigning in violation of the stipulated laws and regulations earlier today. 

Each election sees complaints and condemnation over parties trying to influence the election. Mostly, these allegations are made against the party that is ruling at that particular time, particularly concerning abusing state resources to influence the election.