Colorful activities planned for World Tourism Day 2019

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed speaking about the activities planned for World Tourism Day. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Tourism Ministry has entered into agreements with several parties to carry out colorful activities for this year's World Tourism Day.

Tourism Ministry entered into agreements with companies such as Alia, Allied, and Coca Cola today at a ceremony held in Hotel Jen to carry out special activities for World Tourism Day 2019. The Tourism Minister gave details regarding some of these activities and stated that the activities will be carried out in different parts of the country.

"Jazeera" Canoe Race: September 26.

World Tourism Day will be kicked off with a canoe race carried out in Vaavu Atoll, according to the Minister. The event can be taken participated by people from both genders.

Dinner Night: September 26.

The dinner will also be held in Vaavu Atoll.

Laying the foundation stone of Tourism Visitor Center: October 1

The Minister noted that it was the first time such a center will be built in the country. The center will be located in R. Angolhitheemu.

Tourism Open Day: October 2

Information sessions will be carried out for school children in Male' city.

Kids Football Fiesta: October 3

The Minister noted that this will be one of the biggest such football fiestas to be held in the country.

Tourism Conference and Gala Night: October 4

The Minister stated that this would be one of the most important activities to be conducted regarding World Tourism Day and will have four main sections.

The closed-door session regarding the safety and security of the tourism industry will be the most important of these sections, according to the Minister.