Parliament approves Juvenile Justice Bill for evaluation

South Galolhu MP Mickail Ahmed Naseem. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The Parliament has approved the Juvenile Justice Bill – designed to established reform centers for juvenile delinquents – and sent it to the Human Rights and Gender Committee for further evaluation.

Juvenile Justice Bill was submitted to the Parliament on behalf of the Maldivian administration by South Galolhu MP Mickail Ahmed Naseem.

The bill was accepted for evaluation with the unanimous consensus of 66 parliamentarians this Thursday afternoon.

The bill makes establishment of a juvenile residential center and juvenile correctional center compulsory within 18 months of its enactment.

It also instructs State authorities to prioritize collaboration with NGOs for protection of the rights of children in management of the juvenile facilities; and instructs Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services to establish the facilities, and facilitate the establishment of such facilities by interested private parties.

The bill will also make the establishment of a separate custodial center for juveniles’ compulsory within 18 months of its enactment.

Juvenile Justice Bill offers wider protection and rights to juvenile suspects and convicts, and prohibits any inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.