Comatose Maldivian pilgrim passes away

Officials from the Maldives Hajj Mission converse with the family of Seema Moosa at the Mina Al Wadi Hospital in Saudi Arabia on August 12, 2019.

The Maldivian citizen who went into a comatose state after suffering a stroke while on hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has passed away.

Seema Moosa, 38, from F. Dharanboodhoo, was a Maldives Hajj Corporation pilgrim and had travelled to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage with her spouse.

She went into a coma after suffering a stroke while at a tent in the Saudi city of Mina on Monday, August 12, and had been on life support at the Mina Al Wadi Hospital ever since.

A family member confirmed to Sun the Maldives Hajj Corporation called to inform the family of her passing at 11:40 pm last Wednesday.

Islamic Ministry reports no other Maldivian pilgrim has suffered any significant health complication.

The first batch of pilgrims are scheduled to return to Maldives on Sunday, August 18.