Generators to be sent to five islands to improve services

Generator set to be sent to G.A. Villingili. (Photo/Fenaka)

 Fenaka Corporation will be sending generators to five islands to improve the electricity services of the island to increase the capacity of its services.

Fenaka stated that generators have already been loaded onto boats destined for L. Gan, L.Fonadhoo, G.A. Villingili, G.Dh. Thinadhoo and Th. Guraidhoo. Gan and Guraidhoo will receive generators capable of 800 kilowatts while Fonadhoo, Villingili, and Thinadhoo will receive generator sets of 1 Megawatt.

L. Dhanbidhoo powerhouse which was recently affected by fire had also received a new engine yesterday. Fenaka Corporation has 153 branches all over the country to provide services and has been in operation for seven years.