Parliament approves 5 candidates for ACC membership

Inside a parliamentary session. (Photo/Parliament)

The parliament has approved five names that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih sent to appoint members to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The parliament gave its approval to four of the highest-scoring candidates and the seventh highest on the list. Adam Shamil who scored the second-highest on the marking scale did not gain enough support from MPs to be selected.

Candidates who were approved by the parliament are Ibrahim Shakeel, Fathimath Anoola, Mariyam Shiuna, Aishath Abdulla and Ali Ashraf.

Votes gained by ACC members

  •  Ibrahim Shakeel / Dhafthar no. 3654 - 69 votes
  •  Fathimath Anoola / G. Vodinalhuge - 69 votes
  •  Mariyam Shiuna / Nedhunge, S. Hithadhoo - 69 votes
  •  Aishath Abdulla  / RoleGoalge, Lh. Hinnavaru - 68 votes
  •  Ali Ashraf / Dhafthar no. RS 3366 - 70 votes

ACC is comprised of five members. Members were selected based on their educational qualifications, work experience, and committee interviews.