Attempts were made to "kidnap" me: EC Shareef

Shareef stated that he was informed by police that attempts were made to "kidnap" him. (Photo/ Parliament)

The president of the Elections Commission Ahmed Shareef has said that after the last presidential election, there were attempts made to "kidnap" him.

The commission previously stated that threats were made against commission members and employees after allegations of falsifying the election results. 

Answering the questions of committee members in today's meeting of Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions, Shareef stated that even though they had to work in fear during the election days, that fear has now passed. 

Shareef speaking at today's committee meeting. (Photo/ Parliament)

"The police informed me that there were attempts made to "kidnap" me," said Shareef. This is something that he had not publicly said so before and provided no details on the matter.

Attempts to take an employee hostage!

When asked if the rumors suggesting an employee of the Elections Commission was taken hostage were true by Bilehdhoo MP Ahmed Haleem, Shareef confirmed that it was true. "His family called me late at night and told me that the employee had gone out on Commission matters, to which I replied that there were no Commission matters at this hour. I reported this matter to the Police at once," said Shareef.

Shareef stated that two youths asked the employee to go for a coffee and asked the employee all sorts of questions such as what the Commission did to falsify the election results. According to Shareef, this was done to get the employee's statement. Shareef further stated that the employee was someone who worked in the registration department temporarily and had nothing to do with the election.

Allegations were made that the Elections Commission falsified the results of the election by former President Abdulla Yameen's PPM party. PPM was defeated in the election. Former President Yameen recently stated in a news interview that he had gotten a lot of support during his campaign trips, so the results of the election were still difficult for him to accept.

Shareef stated in today's meeting that the election results were as the Maldivianpeople voted and not based on the size of party gatherings. Shareef repeated his denial of falsifying the election results even today.