Free transfers for patients to Tree Top Hospital from Male'

Inside Tree Top Hospital. (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Afrah)

Patients traveling from Male' city to the multi-specialty tertiary hospital in Hulhumale' Tree Top Hospital will have their travel expenses covered by the hospital. 

The hospital stated that starting from August 1, the hospital will begin "guest transfer services" in-between Male' and Hulhumale'. The service will be provided under a CSR initiative from the hospital and will not charge any fees from the patients and is aimed to ease the burden on the patients.

Patients will be able to book for this service once their appointments are booked and confirmed and patients will have show the driver the SMS they receive. The hospital stated that in addition to the patient this service will be extended to an accompanying helper. Patients who book for this service will be able to access it from the Police Tow Yard during specified hours.

This is not the first time that the Tree Top Hospital has accommodated guest transfers for its patients. The hospital carried out this service with special ferry services since the Sinamale' bridge was still under construction at that time.