Addu City’s health facilities to be linked to Aasandha’s ‘Vinavi’ portal

Aasandha health insurance. (File Photo/President's Office)

All health care facilities in Addu City are scheduled to be linked to Aasandha Company’s online portal, Vinavi, by the end of this July.

The Vinavi online portal is designed to improve the quality of Aasandha health insurance services and provides patients will access to hospital or health center records from the moment the patient is issued a memo to until the treatment or service is complete.

A team from Aasandha Company was dispatched to Addu City last Sunday to establish Vinavi portal services at health facilities in the city.

The team trained staff at the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital and established the necessary IT software at the hospital last Sunday evening; and visited Addu Dhamanaveshi, and health centers in Maradhoo and Feydhoo this Monday morning.

The team is scheduled to complete its work and return to Male’ City later this Monday.

Once the work is complete, Addu City will become the first Maldivian city to establish Vinavi portal services at all health facilities. The portal is already in use in health facilities at six atolls.