Nasheed: An order against Parliament is an intrusion on the power of the people

Speaker of Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed presides over a parliamentary sitting. (Photo/People's Majlis)

A move by any institution to intervene in the work of the Parliament is an intrusion on the power of the people, says Speaker of Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed.

The Supreme Court, on Monday, issued a ruling directed at all State institutions and agencies including the Parliament. The ruling declared any decision made by any State institution, the Parliament, or any of its committees against its stay order on Judicial Service Commission (JSC)’s suspension of Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi as invalid.

Speaking during the parliamentary sitting this Wednesday morning, Nasheed said that the Supreme Court cannot make any ruling which impedes the work of the Parliament or prevent the Parliament from making its opinion clear on any matter.

He said that the Supreme Court’s ruling posed a serious issue, and opened the floor for a debate regarding the ruling.

Before opening the floor for a debate, Nasheed said that the issue under debate was the most serious challenge facing the Parliament at the moment.

He said that as per the Constitution of Maldives, all powers begin from the people and should therefore also remain with the people.

He added that the Parliament was made up of representatives of the people.

“The people here are the representatives of the people. If any institution attempts to intervene in the work of this Parliament or the powers of this Parliament, I believe that they intruding on the power of the people of Maldives, the hopes of the people of Maldives,” said Nasheed.

JSC made the decision to suspend Justice Didi on June 12, after Maldives Police Service opened a criminal investigation into him. Didi, following JSC’s decision to suspend him, filed a petition with the Supreme Court citing a procedural violation. The Supreme Court issued a stay order instructing JSC and other State agencies to refrain from executing the suspension until the court issues a decision regarding the petition.

JSC refused to accept the stay order and has accused the Supreme Court of judicial overreach.

The Supreme Court, on Monday, issued a ruling declaring any decision by any state institution against its stay order as invalid.

The Parliament, last Tuesday, passed a report by the Judicial Committee regarding the issue, which declared the Supreme Court’s ruling as unconstitutional.

The Parliament also ascertained the legality of JSC’s decision to suspend Didi, and urge Supreme Court not to interfere in the work of other State institutions.