Parking violation stickers were issued on 978 vehicles last week

An officer of Traffic Police on a road in Male' City. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Police Service claims they've issued parking violation stickers for parking against the traffic regulations for parking on 978 vehicles over the past week.

Traffic management department statistics released by the police show that 486 vehicles from the Male area were searched by police. They say a total of 84 individuals from these vehicles were license holders but did not have their permit with them while driving. Additionally, 143 riders were individuals who do not hold an official permit.

Furthermore, the statistics show that 56 vehicles were stopped for exceeding the speed limit and 11 vehicles were stopped for ignoring the traffic lights. Police also observed two instances of underage kids driving the vehicles.

During this time three individuals were stopped for not wearing the helmet in the zone that helmets have to be worn. Eighteen cases of driving while on phone and using the headset were also noted during this period.

A total 31 accidents took place in the Male’ area last week. Only one accident caused severe injuries.