Green Fund: MVR 88.83M spent, 23 ongoing projects

Locals visit K. Maafushi. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

MVR 88.83 million from the Green Fund – to where green tax is collected – was used to run environmental protection projects in the first four months of this year – including 23 ongoing projects.

The monthly green tax statistics released by Ministry of Finance shows total MVR 324.76 million was deposited to the Green Fund up until end of April. MVR 88.83 million was diverted from the fund to finance projects, and the total balance at Green Fund by end of April stood at MVR 235.93 million.

Green tax is charged on every tourist who visits Maldives. Income generated from green tax is collected to the Green Fund, and used to run environmental protection projects.

There are currently 23 projects worth total MVR 40.96 million being run under the fund. Most of the projects sanitation projects. There are currently 17 ongoing sanitation projects – the most massive of which is the MVR 11.32 million sanitation project in K. Kaashidhoo.

Other projects being run under the Green Fund includes coastal protection projects, waste management projects, water drainage projects and desalination projects on islands with damaged fresh water layers.

Coastal protection projects in Fuvahmulah City and Th. Guraidhoo are being run under the Green Fund. And a further MVR 678,542 from the fund was used to supply water to islands worst hit by the recent drought.

MVR 83.61 million was collected by the State for green tax in the month of April alone. The largest income from green tax per atoll came from K. Atoll, followed by A. Dh. Atoll, B. Atoll and A. A. Atoll.


  • K. Atoll: 29.46 million
  • A. Dh. Atoll: 9.1 million
  • B. Atoll: 7.87 million
  • A. A. Atoll: 6.48 million

Resorts generated MVR 75.09 million in green tax, guesthouses generated MVR 3.38 million in green tax, safari boats generated MVR 3.27 million in green tax, and hotels generated MVR 1.86 million in green tax.

USD 6 per night is charged from every tourist who stays at a resort as green tax, while USD 3 per night is charged from every tourist who stays at a guesthouse.

The State implemented green tax on resorts in 2015, and guesthouses in 2016.

The State generated MVR 402.43 million as green tax from January to May – making up for 4.8 percent of the total national income.