Inguraidhoo MP Hassantay injured in a traffic accident

Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed (Hassantay). (Photo/People's Majlis)

Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed (Hassantay) has been injured in a traffic accident in Male’ City.

Maldives Police Service reports Hassantay was injured after he fell down from his motorcycle after swerving to avoid a pedestrian who crossed the street unexpectedly.

The accident took place at approximately 11 pm last Wednesday.

Hassantey was taken to ADK Hospital by an off-duty police officer present at the scene at the time.

The extent of his injuries are unclear at this point, but pictures of Hassantay posted over social media show him lying on a hospital bed with injuries to his head and leg.

Maldives Police Service reports the accident is not under investigation by the agency as the parliamentarians does not wish to pursue the matter.