Rivalry between Jabir and Shareef in the Parliament

MP Abdulla Jabir (L) and MP Ibrahim Shareef (R).

Parliament's Speaker announced that Ibrahim Shareef, MP of the Addu-Maradhoo constituency, was the MP who discussed the most in 19th People's Majlis and Abdulla Jabir, MP of the Kaashidhoo constituency, the second most debating member.

19th Parliament is having their sixth sitting this Tuesday.

Parliament's Speaker, President Mohamed Nasheed said MP Ibrahim Shareef has been most involved in the debates so far in the parliament. He said that the member took part in the debates a total of 14 times.

The Speaker also observed that MP Abdulla Jabir is the member that has so far been the second most engaged in parliamentary debates. He said that MP Jabir took part in the discussions a total of twelve times.

" Villifushi MP has participated in the discussions a total of 10 occasions, and is the third most involved member of the parliament to date. Kudahuvadhoo's MP ends up a close fourth, being involved in the 19th Parliament nine times so far in the discussions," said Parliament's Speaker, President Nasheed.

Most involved MP Shareef and the second most involved member MP Jabir has a strong rivalry going on between the two in the Parliament. Jabir and Shareef have attacked each other with words during all the sittings of the parliament.

MP Shareef took a procedural issue when MP Jabir spoke out of out of the subject and pointed out that he was talking out of the subject. In response to this, Jabir said the Maradhoo constituency MP would not know what the Kaashidhoo constituency MP should be talking about.

During a sitting of last week, Jabir used inappropriate wordings to respond to MP Shareef.