State to set up a temporary marketplace at West Park area

Construction underway to establish a market at West Park area of Male' City for Ramadan, 1440. (Photo/PSM)

The State has made the decision to set up a marketplace in the vacant land which used to be the restaurant West Park – located in Maafannu district of Male’ City.

Male’ City councilman, Ahmed Zameer confirms the market is being set up especially for Ramadan.

Tender for the project will be posted this Sunday.

Zameer says the State will not impose any rent on the stalls at the market, and that the decision was designed to increase supply of food products such as coconuts produced in the atolls to Male’ City at an affordable rate.

The size of the market is 50 feet by 100 feet.

The State is also scheduled to set up a temporary market in Vilimale’ this Ramadan. Tender for the project was posted last Saturday.

Zameer says the market in Vilimale’ will have 20 stalls, and that the stalls will be awarded to residents of Vilmale’.