Awareness program run for MTCC bus drivers in wake of accidents

Awareness program held to aware the bus drivers of MTCC about road safety.

Maldives Transport and Construction Company (MTCC) has begun an awareness program for its bus drivers in collaboration with Maldives Police Service.

The three-day long program is a special awareness program to re-familiarize bus drivers regarding the laws and regulations governing land transportation in Maldives. MTCC states that the workshop will highlight the importance of the traffic rules and road safety.

A total of 60 drivers from MTCC are taking part in the program.

An accident that took place last week, on May 6, when the driver of the bus dozed of while driving, lead to the death of a tourist who was walking down the road.

A second bus accident took place three days later, on May 9, when another bus driver dozed off behind the wheels and crashed into a taxi and motorcycle.

MTCC has refuted allegations the accidents were a result of sleep deprivation and exhaustion due to overwork. The company has stated that its bus drivers have a fixed eight-hour duty; out of which they only drive four hours and are on standby the remaining four hours.