11 injured in 56 accidents in first week of Ramadan

Accident that took place in Hulhumale' on April 28, 2019 injuring a woman. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Statistics released by Maldives Police Service show 56 roadside accidents took place in Male’ City alone since the beginning of Ramadan on May 6.

The weekly statistics of the Traffic Management Department for the one-week period from May 4-10 show 11 people were injured in the 56 accidents.

Traffic police checked 417 vehicles last week; during which it identified 99 non-license holders, 57 people who were driving without their license on their person, and two underage drivers.

The traffic police investigated 15 drivers for violating one-way signs, 14 drivers for over speeding, 28 people for driving without insurance, 34 people for failure to pay their annual fee, and 33 people for failure to pay the roadworthiness fee.

Maldives Police Service has also released the weekly statistics of the Neighborhood Support Officers which resolved 18 traffic issues, and resolved 13 construction issues; 11 of which were reported from sites in Male’ City and two of which were reported from sites in Hulhumale’.

The department also attended to 9 immigration related issues during the period, all of which were reported from Male’ City; and conducted checks on total 326 locations during the past week; 164 locations in Male’ City, 99 locations in Hulhumale’, and 63 locations in Vilimale’.

NSO is a new department introduced to fulfil President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s 100-day pledge to maintain peace and security within Male’ City.

The Greater Male’ Area has been divided into eight districts and officers assigned to attend to public complaints it receives from each district.

The eight districts comprise of four districts of Male’ City and three districts of Hulhumale, while Vilimale’ is considered one single district.