Kandoodhoo chili price skyrockets, projected to further increase in Ramadan

Chilies in a stall of Male' City local market. (Photo/Sun/Maahil Mohamed)

Th. Kandoodhoo is one of Maldives biggest chili producers. Kandoodhoo chili is well demanded in the local market of Male’ City  and markets of other islands. An all-time Maldivian favorite.

The demand for Kandoodhoo chili has always been high in the market. With Ramadan just two weeks away, the prices of chilies are rising due to limited supply and increase in demand.

The price of one kilogram of chili was MVR 900 last Sunday afternoon in the local market. Farmers from Kandoodhoo notes that the prices will keep on increasing with limited supply of chili as a result of the recent hot weather experienced across Maldives.

Chilies in the local market of Male' City. (Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afraah)

“The past few days have been very hot. It is very difficult to grow chilies due to the heat. The flower buds of the plants kept dying because of the heat and only a few turn out of chilies,’ stated Mohamed Navaz, Vice President of Th. Kandoodhoo Council.

He stated that the citizens of Kandoodhoo tried to supply more chilies into the market for Ramadan. However, it was not made possible due to the heat.

“They planted more chili plants in the farms for Ramadan. The supply did not increase,” said Navaz.

He said that the council has been proving those interested in farming land without a cost as the demand for Kandoodhoo chili has increased since 2000.

A customer in the local market of Male' City, buying chilies. (Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afraah)

“The biggest challenge is the high price of pesticides and other chemicals. Even though the government lifted the duty of these goods, the sellers sell the goods in high prices, so there isn’t a change in the market price,” said Navaz.

Navaz noted that the prices of chili will stay high till the end of Ramadan. He said that the prices are most likely to increase during the month.

“Most of the owners of local market's stalls buy the chili from our farmers. Some of the farmers go to Male’ and sell their goods at the local market,” informed Kandoodhoo council.

More than 90 percent of the island’s population gain their income through farming. The farmers get MVR 15,000 as a profit every month after deducting the business costs.