Concern raised over the availability of Aasandha for Maldivians living abroad

Ceremony held by the Managing Director of Aasandha Company to meet with the Maldivians living in Sri-Lanka April 19 2019. (Photo/Reader)

Maldivians living in Sri-Lanka has raised concern over how their health care is being designed under the Aasandha Scheme.

Managing Director of Aasandha Company, Mariyam Shafeeq held an event to share the information of services of Aasandha available to Maldivians living in Sri-Lanka last Friday night in Colombo, Sri-Lanka.

Citizens raised concern about the information shared by Mariyam Shafeeq during the event.

A participant of the event informed “Sun Online” that Mariyam Shafeeq stated that those living abroad will get the services available under the Merana Scheme introduced under Aasandha to provide health services to those living abroad and not the actual services available in Aasandha.

He stated that under the Merana Scheme, the hospital bills have to be paid on their own and the money would be transferred to the citizen once he applies the hospital bill to the Aasandha office.

“Mariyam Shafeeq is telling us that we will have to pay the hospital bill on our own after seeing the doctor and apply the bill to the Aasandha office and then we will get the money spent after they check the validity of the bill,” He stated.

He also stated that the MD said that MVR 10,000 would be given to each person under the Merana Scheme.

“Most Maldivians living in Sri-Lanka lives with a budget of USD 1,000 to USD 1,500 per month. They don’t have enough to spend on health care after paying all the expenses of food, shelter and education. Which is why we are appealing to get the Aasandha Services. But now they are saying Aasandha is not going to be available,” he said.

He also stated that Mariyam was not able to answer the question asked regarding under which company the Merana Scheme is. She explained that Merana Scheme is made available individual to Aasandha Scheme and within the next three months the scheme would be brought under Aasandha.

“The first question I asked the MD was under which law is the Merana scheme is introduced and she was not able to answer that. Secondly, I asked which budgeted approved by which parliament is going to spend for the services of the scheme. She wasn’t able to answer that either, “

“Next I asked if a Maldivian visiting can get Aasandha or Merana if something urgent were to happen. She answered that it won’t be available,” he stated.  

However, during the President’s Elections, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that he will make Aasandha available for those living in Sri-Lanka, how it is available in Maldives during an MDP government.

During a press conference held on the 12th of April, Assistant General Manager of Aasandha company stated that those living in abroad will be given the choice to choose between Aasandha scheme and Merana scheme.

However, a participant of the event held by the MD of Aasandha company stated that the MD did not mention this during the event and only stated that Aasandha will not be available.

We were not able to get a word from Aasandha company regarding these concerns as the media official of the company, Ashiya Solih did not answer our calls.