Participants of diving course receive badges underwater ceremony

Underwater badge handing ceremony for officers who took part in the 7th Basic Diving course pf MNDF's Coastgurads. (Photo/MNDF)

Diving badge for the 7th Maldives National Defense Force’s Coastguard Basic Diving Course has been handed over underwater by the Chief of Defense Force Major Abdulla Shamal.

The graduation ceremony was held this Thurday in MNDF Girifushi Training center.

The course was held by MNDF in collaboration with foreign defense forces in according to international standards to English Medium.

Minister of Defense Maria Ahmed Didi was the guest of honor of the ceremony and took the pleasure of handing over awards and certificates to those who won different positions in the course.

Graduation ceremony of the 7th Basic Diving Course of MNDF's Coastguards on April 18 2019. (Photo/MNDF)

MNDF Coastguard Ishaq Rasheed won the Best all Round Cadet of the course while Lance Corporal Mifthaah Ibrahim won the title of Fittest Diver.  Lance Corporal Chaturanga L A S of Sri-Lanka won the title of Best Foreign Cadet. MNDF Lance Corporal Hassan Ali won the title of First in Merit of the course.

Basic Diving Course of Coastguard was held for 16 weeks starting from the 14th of this January.

A total of 21 students took part and 19 completed the course.

A total of 8 foreign officers took part in the course - an officer of Nepal Army, Indian Coastguard officer and six officers from the Sri-Lankan. Thirteen of MNDF Officers took part in the course.