Jabir wins Kaashidhoo seat despite defeat in MDP Primary

Abdulla Jabir, who confirmed his seat for K. Kaashidhoo constituency at the 19th People's Majlis. (Photo/Sun)

With counting done for most of Kaashidhoo’s ballot boxes, interim results place Abdulla Jabir as the winner for the Kaashidhoo Constituency.

Politician and businessman, Jabir competed for the Kaashidhoo Constituency as an independent candidate following his defeat in the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Primary.

Jabir had suffered defeat during the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) primary for the elections, and was one of the three people who successfully petitioned at the Supreme Court to annul Article 10 of Political Parties Act which disqualified candidates defeated in party primaries from contesting in national elections.

Jabir applied for the elections as an independent candidate after Supreme Court, on February 25, along with its annulment of the article of law, ordered EC to re-open candidacy application solely to allow candidates defeated in primaries to contest in the parliamentary elections if they wished.

The biggest competition for Jabir in the election was MDP candidate Abdulla Riffath.

Jabir, who worked as a special envoy of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated previously that he will work uphold the government of President Solih and fulfill his pledges.

He also declared during his campaign that he will not be taking his salary for being a Member of Parliament.

Three other candidates who lost in the party primaries competed in the election held on Saturday; Ahmed Abdul Kareem (Rukuma) for South Henveiru constituency, Ahmed Abdulla (Muhamma) for H. A. Ihavandhoo constituency and Ahmed Mohamed (Fazaa Mohamed) for North Hithadhoo constituency.

All three candidates lost in the election.

The governing party MDP is projected for a supermajority at 19th People’s Majlis