Site of airport project relocated from Maafinolhu to Hoarafushi

File photo of land reclamation at H. A. Maafinolhu. (File Photo/MTCC)

Maldivian administration has made the decision to change the location of the new domestic airport planned from H. A. Atoll from Maafinolhu to Hoarafushi.

The project’s contractor, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), announced the decision during a press conference this Thursday.

Speaking during the press conference, CEO of MTCC, Hassan Shah said the decision was based on the current administration’s policy to avoid harming the environment of uninhabited islands such as Maafinolhu with major infrastructure development projects.

Land reclamation for the Maafinolhu Airport Project was initiated in July, 2018. But the Head of Projects at MTCC, Ahmed Latheef reports the company did not initiate any practice work on land reclamation at the island.

“The former administration, with the intention of reclaiming land at Maafinolhu, took Maha Jarraf and other accessories to the island. But no practical work was initiated,” said Latheef.

CEO Shah said the airport will be developed in Hoarafushi instead.

“Instead of that, since Hoarafushi is already rich in land, because the land already exists, we plan on reclaiming land to enlarge the island and develop the airport,” said Shah.

Shah said MTCC is in the process of negotiating with the administration regarding the Hoarafushi Airport Project, and that the company was hopeful of being awarded the project within the next few days.

“We are engaged in discussions with the Planning Ministry through Regional Airports.”

MTCC is currently developing three regional airports; the Kulhudhuffushi Airport, the Funadhoo Airport, and the Maavaarulu Airport.